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Cycle Stop Valves, Inc. manufactures constant pressure pump control valves, complete pump control kits, and Cycle Sensor pump monitors. Although we strive to manufacture as much of our product in the USA as possible, our valves and kits are manufactured and assembled with domestic and imported parts. Our plant is located in Lubbock, TX.

As with many new products, necessity is the mother of invention. In our pursuit of constant pressure, our frustration with variable speed drives and pumps is what led us to a simpler, more dependable, less expensive solution using valves. We have been replacing variable speed products since 1992.

Our customer service is second to none and we always do our best to help out our customers even if it is not a "valve" problem. Our combined experience includes licensed drilling and pump installers as well as a qualified irrigation specialist on staff. We have accumulated five patents over the years. 

Cycle Stop Valves were designed in the field, not engineered in a lab. We used our own experiences to make "constant pressure" systems work for real people in real world applications. 

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Cary Austin Sales & Technical
Karen Austin Sales & Technical
Sam Austin Sales & Technical
Larry Tidwell Sales (Southeast US)

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