CSV3B: General Information

The Cycle Stop Valve model CSV3B is a pump control valve that automatically adjust pump output to match your variable demands.

As your demands vary, the CSV reacts to changes in pressure and opens and closes accordingly. This enables it to hold a constant pressure as long as your demand is more than the minimum control flow of 5 gpm.

If you demand more than your pump can provide at the pressure the valve is trying to hold, the valve will stop actuating at all and open fully. Your system pressure will become whatever pressure the pump can build at that point.

When there is no longer any demand on the system, water will begin to go into the pressure tank and the system pressure will begin to rise. The pressure tank will then refill slowly at the valve minimum control rate of 5 gpm (not your full pump rate) until it reaches shut off pressure. Keep this in mind when choosing your pressure tank as this function allows for a much smaller pressure tank to protect your pumping system than you would be able to use on a standard system without the CSV valve controlling the pump. Motor manufacturers recommend a minimum 1 minute of run time any time your pump is called to come on. The time it takes to refill your pressure tank will guarantee that run time regardless of how you use water.

When water is again demanded, the pressure tank will empty causing the system pressure to reach cut in pressure and the pressure switch will start the pump. NOTE: Pressure switch shut off pressure must always be set higher than the pressure regulated by the CSV.

The CYCLE STOP VALVE model CSV3B is certified by WQA to NSF ANSI/372 no lead standards. It is a single chamber diaphragm operated valve available in 2" and 3" threaded or flanged, and 4" through 12" flanged with flow rates available from 5 gpm to 5000 gpm. Model CSV3B valves are adjustable between 15-150 PSI. Difference in pressure between inlet pressure and outlet pressure cannot be more than 125 PSI.

Note: In multiple pump applications, each pump must have its own valve.

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