Cycle Sensor Pump Monitor: Troubleshooting

Note: To view a fault on the Cycle Sensor display, you must be able to see the Sensor display before turning off the power to the panel. Fault display is lost once the power has been turned off.

Fault Remedy
1: DRY - the pump has been shut down on under-load.

Push the reset button on the Cycle Sensor or turn power to the unit off and back on.

If pump goes off on DRY again, it could indicate that you need to reset your underload setting or that your pump is actually running dry.

2: RCYC - the pump has been shut down because of rapid cycling.

Push the reset button on the Cycle Sensor or turn power to the unit off and back on.

If pump goes off on RCYC again, it may indicate that you need to reduce the rapid cycle timer or the problem that caused the rapid cycling (i.e. bad check valve, control valve malfunction, improperly sized tank or waterlogged tank, improper pressure switch settings, chattering contacts caused by incorrect placement of the PS in system). Correct problem before the pump is allowed to run on automatic again.

3: 000 - the pump has power but is not running.

Make sure the pressure switch or other control is calling for the pump to run. You may need to release water from the tank to decrease the pressure to make the pressure switch energize the pump.

If the pump fails to start, check pump overloads and wire connections.

4. Numbers other than 000 in display - when the pump is running, this is an indication of the amp draw. If the pump is not running, it is picking up stray voltage. It does not go to zero. This is not a fault.
5. No display - the Cycle Sensor or the pump have lost power or has shorted out. Check incoming power supply to motor and Sensor.
6. Sensor will not adjust. Unlock adjustment settings by holding the up and down button at the same time.
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