Cycle Stop Valve Replaces Four Variable Speed Pool Pumps



Here's the update I promised you. The system works like a charm.

This pool has 4 water features, a slide, a waterfall, a spa cascade, and a wet wall. I required the ability to run each of these water features independently. This pool also has four cleaning modes, two sets of in floor cleaning nozzles, skimming, filtering, and vacuuming. In addition this pool also has a 50 foot zero entry lip.

In order to accommodate all the above a typical configuration would include 6 pumps. Two pumps for the in floor cleaning system (One for each set of cleaning nozzles). These pumps would also accommodate the solar heating system, the filtration system, the pool vacuuming, as well as the heating of the Spa.

Two variable speed pumps for the water features.
One variable speed pump for the zero entry lip.
One pump for the spa jets.

With this design each variable speed pump supplies two water features and has 4 possible speeds, Off, the 1st feature by itself, the 2nd feature by itself, and both features running. Aesthetically each water feature is adjusted to the correct water flow by balancing the variable speed pump settings and the valve settings to each feature. In this design the cleaning system, the water features, and a Zero entry lip all require the redundant movement of an independent volume of water. Having the same water that goes down the waterfall also go over the Zero entry lip or running the water from the water features through the filtration system is not possible due to the fact they're on separate pumps. This means that in order to enjoy the water features during the same time period as the pool filtration is running then 2 or 3 pumps need to run, moving twice as much water and using twice as much electricity as necessary.

Now, let's look at a cycle stop valve configuration. This configuration only requires 2 pumps, one pump for the Jacuzzi heating and jets and one pump for everything else. Since the cycle stop valve will maintain the return water pressure at a constant 20 PSI regardless of flow rate several things become possible.

Aesthetically each water features valve can be adjusted to the proper flow rate individually without worrying about how it affects the other water features. The cleaning system can be running or not as required without affecting the aesthetics of the water features. The Zero entry lip now uses the same water that the water features or cleaning system uses and thus reduces the amount of water flowing through the system. There is no degradation of water flow due to dirty filters or resistance from the solar panels.

Yours truly,

P.S. There are more advantages than what I've listed above, but wordsmithing is not my favorite activity. If you want to do more with this concept give me a call.

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