Cycle Stop Valves vs Constant Pressure Pumps

The newest innovation in pump control technology is "constant pressure valves". The name "constant pressure valve" was coined several years ago by Cycle Stop Valves or CSV. Some people would like you to believe that variable speed pumps, VFD, or so called "constant pressure pumps" are the most modern pump control system. In reality VFD was introduced in 1968, and because of the laws of physics, can never really be perfected. The Cycle Stop Valve was introduced in 1993 to replace VFD controls and their many associated problems.

The biggest lie perpetuated today, is that variable speed or so called "constant pressure pumps" save energy. For constant pressure applications this is definitely not true. In reality, varying the speed of the pump increases the power used per gallon produced. "Saving energy" is a ruse that is used on unsuspecting people, to hook them into a VFD system, that will require frequent and expensive equipment replacement. Do a little research and don't fall for this deliberate attempt at forced "planned obsolescence".

The proof that the CSV is the leader in constant pressure technology, is the fact that several companies are trying their best to copy it. None have yet tried to copy the patented non-closing valve seat that perfected the CSV design. Rather these companies are using the old drilled hole method of by-pass, that proved to be a failure for several other companies in the past. Although these companies use a flawed method, they still claim they are "just like a CSV only cheaper". Countless times, including again yesterday, I receive fairly new "copycat" valves for warranty inspection that came from customers who were told, they are "just like a CSV". When these "copycat" valves fail to function as advertised, cause water hammer, or destroy a pump, they give the real Cycle Stop Valves a bad reputation.

A real CSV eliminates water hammer and pipe line breaks, greatly reduces the size of pressure tank needed, delivers constant pressure, and extends the life of pumps, motors, and pressure tanks. The CSV makes systems with large pressure tanks or variable speed pumps obsolete. Most pump system problems can be eliminated with the proper application of a genuine Cycle Stop Valve.

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