The Pressure Tank- Regulated or PTR System is truly an automatic pumping station. This efficient and dependable pumping station is simple in design and construction. PTR Systems give new meaning to the words Low Maintenance and high Performance. This system will produce the maximum gallons per minute needed at the required pressure, as well as adjust itself automatically and efficiently, with the pump or pumps supplied, to any lower flow rate down to 0 GPM. The right amount of water at the pressure you need without complicated VFD or electronic controls. "Water Hammer" is a thing of the past and no pump on the system is allowed to "Jockey" or "Short Cycle". Getting water from A to B and C is easy with PTR Systems. And it is completely mechanical - no electrical connections.

The heart of the PTR System is the Cycle Stop Valve, a flow regulation valve that works with captive air tanks. Sizes are available from 1" to 16" for flows up to 10,000 gpm. These simple in-line valves regulate the amount of flow going past or into the pressure tank. The pump will not shut off while demand is within the valve limits. These unique valves reduce pump wear. Pump starts and stops are much softer under these maximum head conditions. Even pressure tank wear is reduced due to an absence of cycling and lowered bladder travel.

Harbor Links Golf Course in Klamath Falls couldn't pressurize their system without blowing pipe apart from excessive water hammer. Main line breaks and expensive repairs were a nagging and expensive problem. Estimates for eliminating the problem soared to $70,000.00 for a new pump station. And they needed two stations.

Dave Linderman, UP&S Golf Salesman in Southern Oregon, recognized the applications for the PTR Systems. His recommendations fixed the problem at both pump stations for $15,000! Ken Black, Harbor Links GC General Manager, is still excited and amazed about the solution. "It is so simple. We used the Cycle Stop Valves in both centrifugal and turbine pump station situations, four pumps in all, and they worked well. Pumps ramped up and down smooth as glass. Cycle Stop Valves totally stopped water hammer. No breaks!"