Global Pumps & Equipment, Ltd.

The following is a letter from Mark Durham of Global Pumps & Equipment, Ltd. to Cycle Stop Valves, Inc. stating that their standard warranty will apply to pumps used with Cycle Stop Valves.

Also available: Original Scanned Letter (pdf)

April 24, 2003

Cary Austin:

At your request, I have asked Rodney Ball, Territorial Sales Manager, Goulds Pumps to obtain a letter of endorsement from Goulds Engineering for the use of Cycle Stop Valves with their pumps. He reported that would be no problem, might take a few days.

It is alarming that anyone would be making the statement that Goulds Pumps/ITT will not stand behind their product if it is used with Cycle Stop Valves. As a Goulds Distributor, we have used Cycle Stop Valves on Line Shaft Turbines, Submersible Turbines, 4" Domestic and Centrifugals of all sizes and horsepowers. The fact of the matter is, Goulds have recommended customers to Global Pumps & Equipment in the past for the installation of large Cycle Stop Valves on systems that continued to experience premature failure due to system cycling. Example: 3 - 100 HP Submersibles on a chicken farm in South Texas. 3 - 5" valves were installed just over 3 years ago, no problems since. You could ask the motor manufacturer, Franklin Electric, what they think. Based on their previous failures on this system, we have saved them about 6 warranty replacement motors so far, and made a new customer for life.

As a Flowtronex/ITT Distributor & Flownet Service Provider (a sister company to Goulds), we have incorporated the use of Cycle Stop Valves into our systems, and as you already know, Flowtronex is talking to your company about purchasing your valves to be incorporated into their prefabricated systems.

We have had zero problems with any system that is properly sized and installed using your valve. Neither Goulds, nor any manufacturer, has ever said they would not stand behind their product if used with Cycle Stop Valves. Anything else is BS.

I should have a letter from Goulds Pumps/ITT engineering in a few days.


Mark Durham
General Manager / VP
Global Pumps & Equipment, Ltd.

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