PK1AM Pside-Kick: Troubleshooting

Symptom Cause Remedy
Pump is cycling off and on Pressure switch not set correctly Cut off pressure must be higher than CSV1A set pressure. Increase pressure switch cut off.
Waterlogged pressure tank Replace pressure tank
Bad or torn diaphragm in CSV1A Replace valve
Manifold not assembled correctly Verify assembled as instructed
Low Pressure Demand is more than pump can provide at current pressure setting Reduce demand so it is within pump capabilities to maintain desired pressure.
Chattering Too much air in tank Reduce air pressure in tank to 5-7 PSI below pressure switch cut in pressure.
CSV1A setting is too close to pressure switch cut off pressure Set pressure switch cut off pressure at least 10 PSI higher than CSV1A setting.
Pump rapid cycles at start up and then begins to function correctly Air pressure in tank too high Reduce air pressure in tank to 5-7 psi below cut in pressure.
Multiple check valves in system working against each other Remove all but the check valve or foot valve on the pump itself.

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