PK1AM Pside-Kick: VFD Controller Replacement

Instructions to Replace Franklin® Monodrive®

Replace Franklin Monodrive
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  1. Replace Monodrive® controller with standard single Phase control box
  2. Remove micro switch and plug hole
  3. Install Pside-Kick® and wire power through pressure switch as per diagram

Instructions for Subdrive® 3 PH

If replacing microswitch when Subdrive® controller still works or when using other 3 phase converters:

Replace Grundfos Subdrive using 3 Phase Motors
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  1. Install Pside-Kick® per instructions
  2. Remove micro switch and move wires to the provided 40/60 mechanical pressure switch only as per diagram

Or when Subdrive® controller fails:

  1. Install Pside-Kick® per instructions
  2. Replace three phase motor and Subdrive® controller with a standard single phase motor and control box
  3. Wire pressure switch as per diagram

Note: Verify existing pump wire size will work for single phase application.

Instructions to Replace Grundfos® CU301 Controller

Replace Grundfos CU301 Controller
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Installation for SQE® controller replacement:

  1. Remove CU301 controller and transducer
  2. Install Pside-Kick®
  3. Wire pressure switch as per instructions

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