State Recommendations for Municipal use of Cycle Stop Valves

Many states mandate the size of water towers or hydro tanks as per the number of connections. As far as we know, no state dictates which type of control valve can be used, only the size of the tank required. Cycle Stop Valves can be used with water towers or hydro pneumatic tanks of any size. However, the Cycle Stop Valve controls the output of the pump to exactly match the demand, which limits or eliminates the need for pressurized or elevated storage. Water to be used for emergency situations such as power out conditions, can be much better and less expensively met, by using standby generators or backup pumps powered by an alternative fuel. Many studies have been done on the effectiveness of precise control of the pump using "constant pressure controls", including a report written by the United States Department of Agriculture. Unfortunately, many engineers do not understand that pumps do not know the difference between supplying water for peanuts, pigs, or people. Therefore, many states are unable to take advantage of this new and beneficial technology. While waiting for approval of "constant pressure" technology, states are wasting millions of dollars on Water Towers and huge Hydro Pneumatic tanks that could be put to much better use on things like roads, schools, and welfare of the people. As much as 14% of our precious fresh water supplies are also being wasted to leaks in the piping systems caused by water hammer. Most of this water-hammer is caused by pumps cycling on and off as controlled by water towers and pressure tanks. Water-hammer could be eliminated by "constant pressure" controls such as Cycle Stop Valves saving billions of gallons of our precious water supply.

Some states have engineers who keep up with new and beneficial technology. These states are decades ahead of other states who simply sit back and wait for legislators to change the rules that would allow new technology to be used. One state, which was first to accept this new technology is the State of Washington. The Design Manual for the State of Washington has had guidelines and recommendations for tank sizing when using "constant pressure" valves for many years. Another state which is light years ahead of most is the State of Florida. In Florida, even the code for a small water system allows the use of "constant pressure" valves instead of using large pressure tanks. The State of Michigan is another state whose engineers understand the benefits of constant pressure technology. Other states such as Montana have allowed systems to test "constant pressure" methods, and are slowly realizing the benefits and cost savings to their developers and tax payers. Still other states have rules that allow the use of any type control as long as it makes since for the particular water system. The State of Texas however, is one in which variances for tank regulations will not be accepted. Texas and some other states continue to waste money on water towers and large hydro tanks as well as wasting 14% of their fresh water supplies to leaks. Many water systems in the State of Texas have added Cycle Stop Valves to their systems along with approved large tanks, to stop water hammer, leaks, and large swings in supply pressure. In spite of the fact that Cycle Stop Valves eliminate the need for these large tanks, operators can easily see the benefits of "constant pressure". There are many systems in Texas that have been using Cycle Stop Valves for many years that could be studied. Engineers for the State of Texas are still using water system technology that was developed by the Greeks and Romans.

Many cities and other countries have embraced the idea of "constant pressure" control and have saved millions by not using water towers and large hydro tanks. Cities as large as 40,000 people are operating with a "constant pressure" pump control system and a single 80 gallon pressure tank. Countries in which Cycle Stop Valves are precisely controlling water systems include Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Philippines, and others.

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